Assigning [verb]

Definition of Assigning:

select and give a responsibility

Synonyms of Assigning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Assigning:

Sentence/Example of Assigning:

But whatever may be the origin of this fable, the assigning of it to Napoleon is in itself a singular circumstance.

Nearly every room was occupied, and the committees were showing great skill in assigning things to the different departments.

The two had arrived at the dining tent where a head waiter was assigning the guests to their places among the many tables.

This was secured by assigning to the five classes, into which each tribe was divided, a very disproportionate number of citizens.

There are no data for assigning even approximately exact limits to the Toltec empire at this period.

There is not a word, syllable, hint, or shadow of a hint assigning these five books of Moses to a later date or author.

We have already given a reason for assigning a high antiquity to the local temple myths.

If he can't read minds, which I'm pretty sure he can't, he probably overheard you assigning the bunks for us to sleep in, Urson.

Can any of your correspondents assist in assigning these initials and arms to their respective owners?

It is consequently very imperfectly understood, every one who has written about it assigning for its occurrence a different cause.