Consummately [adverb]

Definition of Consummately:

in a complete manner, degree

Synonyms of Consummately:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consummately:

Sentence/Example of Consummately:

Cisterra executed the lease arrangement with the city on the same day the sale was consummated.

Forever the consummate engineer, Ridley handed Yeager a 10-inch length of broomstick so he could pull down the hatch with one hand, sparing his sore ribs.

The consummate feel-good story of the 2020 college football season can be found in Conway, South Carolina.

James Addison Baker was the consummate master at actually getting things done in Washington.

As more contracts are consummated through computers, a Big Tech company could make the tie-up official and ink the dotted line.

Belleisle, for his part, is consummately skilful, and manages as only himself could.

But the old man consummately ignored this complication and directed attention to his son.

The chief memory that will remain of him is that of a King and man who fought consummately well.

He may have sparkled consummately in a normal condition; but he did not sparkle on the Cuba.

But these actual things she knew she could do consummately; and she would not risk the production of anything not consummate.