Contemplation [noun]

Definition of Contemplation:

deep thought; planning

Synonyms of Contemplation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contemplation:

Sentence/Example of Contemplation:

I certainly think that it’s possible to contemplate the boundary between life and not-life from that perspective, and the text, I would argue, clearly contains such a contemplation.

I’m sure that somewhere there is a meditation or mindfulness practice that either already makes use of the concept of cosmic scales or should sign up this app right away as a tool for aiding contemplation.

At a sanctuary in Sabah, Borneo, a young male proboscis monkey sits with his eyes closed in quiet contemplation.

However, we have also evolved the ability to turn off this constant time-keeping, in moments of artistic rapture or contemplation, and that adaptive sense of timelessness gives our lives much of its beauty and meaning.

It’s possible to spend the day completely isolated, in quiet contemplation, and feel invigorated.

The shout of Jerry recalled the king from his contemplation of things in general to the lantern in particular.

My heart yearned for that land, but I had to turn from the contemplation of its distant joys to the cold, gloomy reality below me.

And then when at length I did look at her, I could not tear myself away from such a sorrowful object of contemplation.

He motioned Harkness to a chair and resumed his complacent contemplation of a picture that was flowing across a screen.

Under the shade of the Bôdhi tree he devotes himself again to religious contemplation, and falls into rapt ecstasies.