Contradictions [noun]

Definition of Contradictions:

variance to something

Synonyms of Contradictions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contradictions:

Sentence/Example of Contradictions:

What thread shall guide us in this labyrinth of conjectures and contradictions from the very first verse to the very last?

Prophecy in Spain is never possible; it is always the unexpected which happens in that country of sharp contradictions.

Spain is a country of surprises and of contradictions; even her own people seem unable to predict what may happen on the morrow.

Where is the faith, where the science, that does not involve logical contradictions just as gross as these?

There are contradictions and inconsistencies in the story as told by the different witnesses.

We threw out suggestions that showed themselves at once far inadequate, and we tried to qualify them by minor self-contradictions.

In the foregoing accounts the reader will find contradictions enough to exercise his ingenuity upon.

His elevation to the situation which he held, involved more contradictions than perhaps attach to any similar event in history.

Mrs. Fane was no longer able to put him off with contradictions and vagueness: Michael demanded his family tree.

A number of direct contradictions of Aristotle we have from Albert.