Conventional [adjective]

Definition of Conventional:

common, normal

Opposite/Antonyms of Conventional:

Sentence/Example of Conventional:

But Mr. Boutwood, though a dog, was a careful dog, especially at those moments when the conventional dog can refuse nothing.

The various lodgings of my bachelor days was never quite of the conventional sort.

The period of infancy is fixed by law, and is therefore a conventional, yet needful regulation.

Toulon, which had been seized by the French royalists, surrendered to the conventional troops.

She was hatless and dressed in a neat riding-suit—the conventional attire of her classmates who had gone in for riding-lessons.

Individual genius can only struggle hopelessly with the shackles of a conventional system.

But to explain: accept for the moment the conventional standards of right and wrong, good and evil, and what is the result?

Mind, I don't accept conventional morality; it is no more to me than so much sawdust.

That is, his words give no indication whatever of the source of his poem; but are merely used in a purely conventional manner.

He was still phrasing a conventional greeting as she flung him a gay laugh and a look from brown eyes that smiled encouragement.