Corruptive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Corruptive:

Dugan countered with an EEOC complaint that said her suspension was retaliation for her calling out sexual harassment, corrupt voting procedures, and conflicts of interest among board members at the organization.

An overwhelming majority of his supporters — as many as 85 percent of them — believe that the election was corrupted by “millions” of instances of malfeasance.

He plays Michael Desiato, a well-regarded New Orleans judge who is nevertheless a part of the city’s inherently corrupt dynamics, unwittingly or otherwise.

It makes me consider the awe of solitude, and later, after its discovery, how easily that awe is corrupted.

How attack ads in the Georgia Senate runoff races are shaping upThat said, accusing the Republican senators of being corrupt isn’t a new line of attack from Democrats.

This week he rebooted his Twitter account to post about the “politically corrupt” case against him.

Shall it again be held, in its orbit by the attractive, the corruptive influence of the petty island of Great Britain?

To correct this, at once and forever, dig up the very soil in which the corruptive roots expanded—here was the way, the only way.

Your letter must be one of three kinds: pleading, peremptory, or corruptive.