Coupe [noun]

Definition of Coupe:

small fast car

Synonyms of Coupe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coupe:


Sentence/Example of Coupe:

She did not wish to enter the coupe, and told Doctor Mandelet she would walk; she was not afraid, and would go alone.

"We'll have something to eat and we'll go back and sit in the coupe and wait a while," Frey said.

The coupe parked across the street and Frey saw the crowd and the reporters.

Drawing nearer, she was dismayed to see that the coupe appeared to be lying on its stomach in the ditch.

The coupe rounded a curve and the road dipped between an avenue of swaying, whispering pines.

Enroute home, Penny stopped at another garage to make arrangements to have her stripped coupe hauled into the city.

"Let me help you," said Bibbs, stepping toward her mechanically; and she was several feet from the coupe when he spoke.

"If you'll let me, I'll—" And without explaining her purpose she opened the door on her side of the coupe and leaned out.

The north-west part chiefly prairies and barrens, including the large and fertile prairies of Portage and Terre Coupe.

Hers had just presented her with a lovely coupe, lined with yellow satin, a perfect bijou.