Crossbow [noun]

Definition of Crossbow:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Crossbow:


Sentence/Example of Crossbow:

When police interviewed Jeremy Farmer, he told them he’d last seen his father in early November 2019, just before he supposedly left on the hunting trip with his gear, including a crossbow and rifles, packed as if he was ready to leave.

So, unlike the regular crossbow which was usually supported by the shoulder, the balance for Chu-Ko-Nu was kept by only using the hands.

Herbert laid down his great axe, set his crossbow, laid a quarrel and levelled into the dark.

He grasps with his right hand a gun, or crossbow, and looks angrily towards the King, who seems somewhat confused and alarmed.

He leaped upward, as high as possible, his crossbow in his hand.

The Quarel or bolt used for the crossbow is shorter and thicker than that used for the longbow.

Betwixt the third couple of towers were the butts for arquebus, crossbow, and arbalist.

At nightfall the skirmishing ceased, and the two armies slept at a crossbow-shot from each other.

And by the door a crossbow—that fired machined metal bolts, he could see the tool marks still visible on their shanks.

He looked around as Krannon dragged him through the door, and saw the metal shaft of a crossbow bolt sticking out of his shoulder.