Cuckold [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cuckold:

She made her first husband a cuckold, and do you suppose that she has suddenly turned virtuous?

Sfoot, half a quarter of an hour does that; make him a cuckold.

But he smiled, and replied: "As that cuckold of a Forestier?"

The character of cuckold is indelible: who once has it carries it to his grave; the punishment proclaims it more than the fault.

We no less laugh at him who takes pains to prevent it, than at him who is a cuckold and knows it not.

Each amongst you has made somebody cuckold; and nature runs much in parallel, in compensation, and turn for turn.

Monogamy introduces two permanent social characters that were formerly unknown: the standing lover of the wife and the cuckold.

But he assuredly was not a complaisant cuckold, and those who have said that of him had never seen him at home.

You can see that he is a born cuckold with his yellow beard and eyebrows, which stick up like a pair of horns.

The boy furthermore brought forth a drinking-horn, and said, "No cuckold can drink from that horn without spilling the liquor."