Drifted [verb]

Definition of Drifted:

move aimlessly

Synonyms of Drifted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drifted:

Sentence/Example of Drifted:

Something came up between me and Lyn—and I drifted, and kept drifting.

I can't tell how I drifted into pigs; much in the same way as you drifted into horses, I suppose.

The tiny band turned to fight their way back, and found that the boat had drifted off again!

The child of Finnish sea-folk who had drifted to Brest and died there, she had been adopted by an old Breton sea-dog and his wife.

I stayed with my drink until Jorgensen drifted in to have a couple with me and talk of the old days.

Later, while we three cast-aways drifted with the bovine tide, he spoke to Piegan Smith.

It was a lovely morning, not too hot and with only a wind made by their passage, so that the dust only drifted behind the car.

The voice drifted up from the corner of Taylor and Broadway, where the two men waited for a car.

The smoke from his revolver drifted out through the bars; the house was silent.

Gale made coffee and soon inviting aromas of their supper drifted on the air.