Drool [noun]

Definition of Drool:


Synonyms of Drool:

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Sentence/Example of Drool:

Everybody does go batty that's high-brow and studies and all that drool.

I've heard Taylor drool about his pet guest—lady in black, strangled in attic by jealous husband.

Stewards, three days out, are not in the habit of falling in love with their charges (Maundering and Drool notwithstanding).

He did not drool his words, hanging one with doubtful hesitation upon another, but blew them out like a mouthful of smoke.

Well, give me madmen who drool spittle, and foam at the mouth, and shriek obscene blasphemies.

Savory odors of cooking food wafted to his nostrils and made him drool.

He can't walk, or talk, or do anything except drool, and I had to carry him in my arms.

Drool, old boy, drool all you like if it makes a difference.

She constantly held saliva in her mouth, though she did not often drool.

The unfamiliar wetness at the corners of his mouth was drool.