Drought [noun]

Definition of Drought:

dryness; shortage of supply

Synonyms of Drought:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drought:

Sentence/Example of Drought:

It has also been extremely dry in California, Oregon, and Washington this summer, with large sections of each state under “severe drought” conditions and some areas reaching “extreme drought.”

We also just had a wet winter, meaning the reservoirs and soils aren’t as parched as they have been during past droughts.

Cold summers, drought, famine and plague devastated societies around the world.

That’s the amount the United Nations has agreed would prevent catastrophic climate change – like seas that swallow whole coastal cities, really, really bad wildfires and unbearable droughts.

So the team only enters the deep chambers during periods of drought.

The study was not able to determine the impact of climate change on extreme drought.

Having a diversity of organisms in an ecosystem helps it to maintain integrity and survive environmental disturbances, such as a flood, a drought or changing climates.

Tobacco is a strong growing plant resisting heat and drought to a far (p. 018) greater extent than most plants.

Conditions in the new country had gone from bad to worse, and if the season should experience another drought, the worst was come.

One day she had heard a man say, "If there is a drought we shall have the devil to pay with our stock before winter is over."