Drovers [noun]

Definition of Drovers:

ranch owner

Synonyms of Drovers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drovers:


Sentence/Example of Drovers:

While the refined exquisite was giving his order, a jolly western drover had listened with opened mouth and protruding eyes.

With all the merits of a sanguine temper, our young English drover was not without his defects.

Their words but made the drover more eager to possess the dog, and he offered ten of his best cattle in exchange.

"Yes, still clerking for the same drover," admitted Straw, glancing at the wounded limb.

It will cool the weather and freshen the grass, and every drover with herds on the trail will push forward for Ogalalla.

Another "nark" was a drunken drover, who left a saucepan on the fire while he went out for a drink.

Then again, and broad on his surprised and silly face, fell her little hand like the clear crack of a drover's whip.

In 1838 he became a "drover," and drove cattle from Ohio to Connecticut.

"You threw that rope all right," said the dismounted drover.

The stranger drover followed the meagre, shirt-clad figure with shifty eyes; then he buried his face in his mug.