Drummed [verb]

Definition of Drummed:

beat, tap a beat

Synonyms of Drummed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drummed:


Sentence/Example of Drummed:

Yet, filled with contempt for himself, he asked whether he did not deserve to be degraded publicly, and drummed out of the army.

A white hand drummed on the arm of a library chair which contained pillows and blankets.

Landy Spencer drummed his knotty fingers on the armchair and looked thoughtfully at the old Nestor seated at his fireside.

A mechanical piano in a further room drummed out hideous dance-music to swirling groups in frank abandon.

He drummed on the window-pane with his fingertips and whistled, scarcely audibly, a fragment of tune.

I condemn him to be exposed all day, with his dust tied round his neck, and then drummed out of the camp.

Rain and spray, driven by the gale, drummed on the roof and rattled like hail on the window.

He, a Deacon of the Baptist Church, and a man of stainless repute at home, to have his head shaved and drummed out of camp.

How the ungodly247 rapscallions would've gloated over Deacon Klegg's havin' his head shaved an' bein' drummed out o' camp.

Another pause, during which he casually drummed his fingers on his knee.