Duffle [noun]

Definition of Duffle:

suitcase for a few days

Synonyms of Duffle:

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Sentence/Example of Duffle:

The baggage—two trunks, a showman's keyster, two suitcases, a big duffle bag and handbags—was loaded on trailer and backseat.

This morning the tents came down, fishing tackle was put away, clothes shoved into the duffle bags for the last time.

The rear of the tent is used for the storing of equipment or "duffle" as the camper calls it.

He looked curiously at the heavy duffle-stuff loaded with the scents of the far North.

Pull the canoe up out of water, take your duffle out, and turn the boat upside down over it.

As it was, we were obliged to "double trip it" in order to get our deer and duffle down to "Babb's."

It took about one minute to decide, and an hour to pack such duffle as I needed for a few weeks in the woods.

But she weighed 16 pounds, and would not only carry me and my duffle, but I could easily carry a passenger of my weight.

Our tents had to be taken down, our blankets and duffle packed.

After their noon meal the two were ready, with their duffle loaded on the backs of Scout and Silver.