Duller [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Duller:

This phase of literature lived on later into the century, but it became duller and less popular.

So another link with the past was broken, and another spot of colour wiped away from these duller days of uniformity and routine.

"Mademoiselle means that I am duller than usual," I suggested.

While daisies dress in gold and white, although their gold is duller.

Of course the minute you are well you will go, and the house will be duller than ever without you.

Nothing can be duller or more contemptible, to my mind, than the chronicle of literary quarrels.

The girl seemed to understand the situation before the duller minds of her father and his mates had begun to work.

How then should it be called, that it might be in some measure conveyed to those of duller mind, but by some ordinary word?

However interesting to them, nothing is drier and duller to us, nothing more barren and unsatisfying, than their logical sports.

In this short time, however, he probably reaped as much advantage as a duller pupil during a far longer term.