Dulls [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dulls:

To ourself in this: but now break off; too much Taken at once of the most curious viands, Dulls the sharp edge of appetite.

Army life dulls the sensibilities to the spectacle of suffering.

It is not that it dulls our moral sense, but it gives us a peculiar tolerance of its own.

Of the asceticism that deadens the senses, as of the vulgar profligacy that dulls them, it was to know nothing.

Look, for all the cloud that now veils thy gaze and dulls mortal vision with damp encircling mist, I will rend from before thee.

To open my eyes is the refinement of cruelty, for ignorance, at least, dulls the edge of misery.

It dulls the edge of the pupil's enthusiasm to be told in advance that some of the text is not worthy to be remembered.

Truth expands the mind and quickens the understanding, while fiction dulls the perceptions and impairs the memory.

All the sewer gas the indigestion produces comes back this way, spoils my comfort, and dulls my strength.

A clouded sky dulls the herbage, a cloudless heaven brightens it, so that the grass almost reflects the firmament like water.