Dunes [noun]

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Hike the dunes along five designated trails, or continue your road trip along the Dunes Drive, an eight-mile roadway that takes you into the heart of the dunes.

It’s the slimmest of margins, but an experienced driver can take you into the air for a few wild seconds where you can see the top of the next dune and look down at the trough below.

At the time, the 35-year-old West Virginian was freelancing for “Sunday Morning,” and the CBS show aired a handful of his “On the Trail” segments from the field — and petrified forest, sand dunes, active volcano, etc.

In Gearhart, James trudged out to Strawberry Knoll, walked across the dunes and onto the beach.

Located in the middle of Great Sand Dunes National Park, Star Dune is the tallest dune in North America.

Such atmospheric waves could cause the broad, uniform structure of the dunes, says Gerard Fasel, who was not involved in the work.

They climbed another dune, and came upon the great gray sea at low tide.

And another five minutes, perhaps another ten, had slipped by before Tony's head reappeared above a neighbouring dune.

The dune rose in a Wave of glittering yellow sand, drowning them from head to foot.

We were unco gleg to win hame when a' this was dune, an' after steekin' the door, to sit an' birsle oor taes at the bit blaze.