Dutifully [adverb]

Definition of Dutifully:


Opposite/Antonyms of Dutifully:

Sentence/Example of Dutifully:

In the modern NBA where a spread offense built on outside shooting is more valuable than isolation moves, the dutiful Lee would fit in.

Dutifully Lamb's goon turned and retraced his steps to the curb, holding his four-square hat carefully.

"I was but sighing as I thought of my many sins, Cid," answered the fellow, very dutifully.

Dutifully she went about her work on the farm and pursued her studies.

And then she brought him his newspaper and kissed him dutifully.

The young man kneeled and performed the service and followed the party dutifully when they moved on to the next gap.

Bobby followed him to the lodge at an eager trot, and he dutifully hopped into the bath that was set on the rear doorstep.

But the knight gave no heed to the protests of the squire, who shook his head and dutifully followed his master.

And at this point the two captains saluted very dutifully and respectfully, like machines moved by one spring.

The cook had dutifully pounded the steaks before placing the same on the fire, so that if they seemed tough it was not his fault.