Dwindled [verb]

Definition of Dwindled:

waste away; taper off

Synonyms of Dwindled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dwindled:

Sentence/Example of Dwindled:

Each day the garrison dwindled; each day the rebels received fresh accessions of strength.

The Insurgent Navy, consisting of four small steamers purchased in Singapore and a few steam-launches, dwindled away to nothing.

Later had come lean and bitter years until finally his reputation dwindled like a gutted candle in a wintry room at midnight.

The loftiest pagan philosophy dwindled into insignificance before the sublimity of Christian hope.

She repeated this several times, and gradually dwindled off into unintelligible mutterings.

The general tone of feeling in Church matters became so unfavourable to its continued vigour, that it gradually dwindled away.

It was never much in excess of thirty, and in Sulla's time had dwindled to eighteen.

But it gradually dwindled down, and a total collapse finally ensued.

As her hopes of matrimony dwindled away, so did her affection for her old friend appear, by her letters, to increase.

Mr. Archer followed these yellow and unsteady stars until they dwindled into points and disappeared.