Dyestuff [noun]

Definition of Dyestuff:

color, shade

Synonyms of Dyestuff:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dyestuff:

Sentence/Example of Dyestuff:

The red dyestuff thus prepared is stated to be easily soluble in water.

There are a number of dyestuff makers in Europe who put vat colors on the market, but they all call them by different names.

They are next stained with a solution of starch, milk and red dyestuff.

The fumes of burning sulphur have an affinity for coloring matter—dyestuff.

The first is a yellow dyestuff, but it would be hard to assign any one shade or tint to Alizarin as a dyestuff.

To neutralise this purple effect, a small quantity of a yellow dyestuff and a trifle of indigotin are added.

The goods are run first in a little water and the dyestuff added very gradually through a hollow axle.

The goods are first warmed in the drum up to 140 F., and the dyestuff solution gradually run into the drum whilst it is revolving.

The skins are drum dyed blue with a coal-tar dyestuff, drumming half an hour in the solution at 110 F., and again struck out.

They also furnish red dyestuff and with one end finely subdivided may be used in making toothbrushes.