Dynasties [noun]

Definition of Dynasties:

area of rule

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Sentence/Example of Dynasties:

Their capital was Memphis, near the pyramids, which had been erected several centuries earlier by the older and native dynasties.

One pretext of England, Napoleon declared, had been that he intended to destroy the ancient dynasties of Europe.

We have it set forth in writing on the inscriptions of the earliest Dynasties.

The rivalry of the dynasties to which for so long the interests of the nation had been sacrificed now ceased.

When I have princedoms for them all, why, they must marry and settle—raise dynasties, found princely houses.

Ancient dynasties may be wanting in ability; new ones are always lacking in dignity.

The dynasties of Egypt were once cited against the Bible narrative, but these have been reduced to moderate figures.

There is a question whether the Egyptian dynasties were successive or in some cases contemporary.

The geologist 'finds no example of dynasties once passed away again returning.

Horrors were enacted which have hardly been surpassed by the monsters of the Mongol dynasties.