Profitable [adjective]

Definition of Profitable:

advantageous; money-making

Opposite/Antonyms of Profitable:

Sentence/Example of Profitable:

A careful study of this table will be profitable to the housewife.

Now, it is evident that there is here a profitable source of economy.

The most profitable study is that which is conducted with a definite aim and object.

Nothing that is fine in woman will be lost, nothing that is profitable will be sacrificed.

This is a slow process, but in rich placers may be profitable.

I reminded him of his saying once, ‘Peddling is a healthy and profitable business.’

Therefore impound not your Bees, so profitable and free a creature.

So likely too, seeing that I affirm injustice to be profitable and justice not.

Wholesome and profitable to my spirit, I trust, was this discipline!

Verily, a lover is a profitable guardian and associate for him in all that relates to his mind.