Prolixity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prolixity:

You will pardon an old man's prolixity, in consideration for the motives which prompt it.

But it also causes his lack of depth and the prolixity by which he is characterized.

It has not the prolixity which is so common a fault of apocalyptic commentators.

Do not fancy from this my prolixity of explanation, that we were so slow in comprehending all these points.

I fear I am wearying you with the prolixity of my narrative.

Pardon the prolixity of my quotation for the sake of its value.

Now if this prolixity is unnecessary for you, another may need it.

Therefore I hope to be forgiven if I have tried the patience of my readers by any prolixity.

I am sorry to see you smile—at my prolixity I fear; therefore I will relieve you of it.

He wrote readily and fully, often beyond the verge of prolixity.