Prolonged [adjective]

Definition of Prolonged:


Synonyms of Prolonged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prolonged:

Sentence/Example of Prolonged:

The reading of the letter was greeted with prolonged applause.

Each one of his words lulled and prolonged the reverie of Angelique.

The silence in the kitchen was prolonged, and Mr Verloc felt disappointed.

Her prolonged immobility disturbed the comfort of his refection.

Forthwith, he subjected the patient to a prolonged auscultation.

The climbing of mountains would only have prolonged their disaster.

Then she began to wonder and worry at the prolonged absence of her—Bill.

One short spit of orange was preferable to a prolonged hullabaloo.

Fortunately recovery is by no means impossible, though it may be prolonged.

Florent, indeed, was just then returning to the markets after his prolonged perambulation.