Prototype [noun]

Definition of Prototype:

original, example

Synonyms of Prototype:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prototype:

Sentence/Example of Prototype:

Who is this ancient teacher or who is his prototype if he is an ideal being?

Xenophon's own strategy in the Anabasis is probably the prototype.

Prototype, when Agesilaus meditated the advance on Persia, just before his recall.

Prototype, a procession to Eleusis or elsewhere: the Panathenaic, possibly.

It has served as a prototype of most ancient and modern books.

I wonder who my prototype may be: what would he say if I proposed to change coats with him?

Epimenides himself was reborn in Scotus, or rather, Epimenides was Scotus's prototype.

Prototype: a primitive form to which later forms can be traced.

(c) Conventionalized lily—the prototype of the trident and the thunder-weapon.

But the bird which was the prototype of the Winged Disk has been added.