Registered [adjective]

Definition of Registered:


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Sentence/Example of Registered:

He registered his kingdom of Corsica for the use of his creditors.

Again the badge number—11,785—was not Mortimer's, as registered in Faust's book.

At that time it had not registered: he was too busy about serious things.

With this apparatus the message was registered at the rate of six words a minute.

"To be registered, as doomed to destruction," returned Defarge.

And the thermometer must have registered well towards freezing.

They stared at each other in disbelief of what their eyes had registered.

But in Egypt the traditions of our own and other lands are by us registered for ever in our temples.

In buying or selling, any excess or diminution of what the law allows shall be registered.

And she had promised; her pledged word was registered in heaven.