Sonority [noun]

Definition of Sonority:

something heard or audible

Synonyms of Sonority:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sonority:

Sentence/Example of Sonority:

Where was the sonority in the metallic, crushing blows you dealt in the Liszt Ballade?

By the 15th of October the voice of the patient had lost its sonority.

By this means a great gain was made in richness and sonority.

It increased the power of the voices and lent them a sonority difficult to believe.

The last ensemble is exquisite—well-nigh unapproachable in sonority and charm.

From far up the avenue came the boom of an ox-horn, militant, almost brazen in its sonority.

Vitellius noticed that one of these was larger than the others, and that when struck by his foot it had not their sonority.

Its sonority is full and satisfying, and it displays much variety of colouring.

The hymn began to repeat itself, the individual words lost in the sonority of the hall.

We may indicate the sonority very roughly by lines; if we connect their top ends, we shall obtain a curve.