Soprano [noun]

Definition of Soprano:

person with high singing voice

Synonyms of Soprano:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soprano:


Sentence/Example of Soprano:

Other things of Maria Angelina than her soprano were missed, also.

Hilda's eyes drooped, and then she saw the photograph in the soprano's hand.

A soprano voice was heard, and I listened as critically as I could.

"No whispering," barked the soprano, shining the light directly in his eyes.

It is for two voices, a soprano and contralto, and is excellently written.

Pauline Murray has a soprano voice, with brilliant execution.

There were soprano sounds, and he waved a hand for attention.

And Mattie's contralto beautifully and nobly seconded the soprano.

The Australian soprano was born with a naturally-placed and flexible voice.

The voice is finer, more pleasant, and of a higher pitch (soprano).