Sped [verb]

Definition of Sped:

move along quickly

Opposite/Antonyms of Sped:

Sentence/Example of Sped:

Ambrose sped away, knowing that Perronel would be quite satisfied.

The arrow that he sped from his cross-bow struck in the yellow flanks.

But Mary, regardless of maternal cacklings, sped after the doctor as he turned his horse.

The long hours, of watching and waiting, sped on, until it was nearly dark.

Diana had sped an arrow from her bow that is like the crescent moon.

A half-uttered sound of thankfulness escaped him, and he sped on.

He sped into the office, and Arthur walked to the post with the letters.

He took Allister from Kirsty, and we sped away, for it was all downhill now.

Meanwhile the motor which passed Newbury and Coryston in the park had sped to its goal.

A moment they sped side by side, toward the imperiled cruiser.