Sphinx [noun]

Definition of Sphinx:

puzzle, secret

Opposite/Antonyms of Sphinx:

Sentence/Example of Sphinx:

The sphinx did not slay herself until her riddle had been guessed.

The Sphinx is a woman, as I will insist to my dying day, if it were my last word!

Probably King Harmachis had the Sphinx altered to look like him.

Which do you find more impressive, the Sphinx or the Pyramids?

He became an inexplicable creature; a breeched and booted Sphinx.

For hours together he lay stretched upon my knee, like the shadow of a sphinx.

The dawn filtered over the head of the Sphinx, and there were stirrings in the sky.

But he might as well have looked for expression in that of a sphinx.

Good fellow all right, and, for a 'sphinx' as you call him, likable.

But what—as the country parson's sermon drones on—thinks the Sphinx?