Splice [verb]

Definition of Splice:

join, interweave

Synonyms of Splice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Splice:

Sentence/Example of Splice:

He then ordered the purser's steward to splice the main-brace.

His last name had a splice in the middle of it—'twas Catesby-Stuart.

But he could neither hew spars, nor paint, nor splice ropes.

There 's scarce a snake of any size hasn't an emerald or splice of gold in him.

Why didn't you splice and bring her along in the first place?

By jingo, I think he might say ‘splice the main brace’ now, after all this jollification!

This splice is used when the rope is to run through a block.

He's got his wits about him; knows how to sail a boat and splice a rope.

He pinched the splice lug and taped the whole works feverishly.

Come, you have begun to teach me seamanship—to knot and splice—to reef and steer.