Spotlight [noun]

Definition of Spotlight:

attention; bright beam of light

Synonyms of Spotlight:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spotlight:

Sentence/Example of Spotlight:

They had a spotlight on one of the cars which they kept moving in wide circles.

She was standing in a spotlight, Forrester thought at first.

The Swami made a determined effort to recapture the spotlight.

To go down at this point was simply to spotlight his presence for any Throg on his trail.

At least, it would put Frank Corson, unknown intern, into the spotlight for a while.

You're using just a spotlight here, with a Moregan Point-light.

And as he remembered Trigger, she wasn't a girl who'd go look for a spotlight to stand in.

Maybe there would never be another chance for me to bask in the spotlight.

There was more laughter; the spotlight still held its victims.

"He looks like the Sultan of Sulu," commented the voice behind the spotlight.