Spurred [verb]

Definition of Spurred:

incite, prompt

Synonyms of Spurred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spurred:

Sentence/Example of Spurred:

He leaned over the saddle and spurred the pinto into his racing gait.

Dick, spurred by impulse, left his alcove and entered the room.

Only the emergency could have spurred him to the point of so outrageous an impertinence.

Then he spurred his horse forward and said no more to Stutely.

Another instant and his own mustang was spurred in close by the strugglers.

De Launay spurred the horse and took the middle of the road on a run.

He spurred and lifted; and the game beast shot forward like a rocket.

He was spurred to it, I suspect, by certain vague stirrings of jealousy.

He leaned forward and spurred his horse to outrun the pursuers.

Fearing that he might go wrong, Ruggles spurred up beside him.