Squarish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Squarish:

There was the "squarish jaw" mentioned by her father to think of.

Some children draw a squarish outline for head, but these are children at school.

The blade's squarish, not flat as in the cases of most daggers.

Four of the squarish cloths are formed of two separately woven breadths of material.

Renwick's glance had been but a momentary one, but in it he had marked a huge figure, in a squarish hat and ill-fitting clothes.

Its windows were shuttered now and it loomed only as a squarish block of denser shadow against the formless background of night.

Its leathery, dark green leaves are divided by curving sinuses into squarish lobes, each ending in one or more bristly tips.

The lobes and sinuses are large and squarish, the blades four or five inches long.

His brown hair grew in a squarish line across his forehead, and waved softly at the temples.

Then Rick spotted a squarish shape under the ruin of the bunk and motioned to Scotty.