Stereotype [noun]

Definition of Stereotype:

idea held as standard, example

Synonyms of Stereotype:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stereotype:

Sentence/Example of Stereotype:

Now we have both in a form which will endure with the stereotype plates.

First, some ministers settle for a stereotype of the priesthood.

The other figure of smoke is a stereotype in all tongues for evanescence.

The temptation is to stereotype the form when the spirit and power have all departed.

It was to stereotype belief, as it is stereotyped among the millions in the East.

It is only the stereotype of scenes that have been acted and reacted often and often at the Front.

Possibly this stereotype is the result of being for ages cut off from other nations.

But, on the whole, no artist is less chargeable with stereotype than he.

We have a stereotype about that, too, one slowly and painfully formed.

Is it intended to stereotype disaster, to perpetuate the blundering of the past?