Stirrings [noun]

Definition of Stirrings:

movement, action

Synonyms of Stirrings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stirrings:

Sentence/Example of Stirrings:

Many were the visitors who came to see the stirrings in this corner of the town.

It was pitiable to see in it the stirrings of warmth that would be quenched for ever.

It was still too early for the stirrings of general mercantile life.

The dawn filtered over the head of the Sphinx, and there were stirrings in the sky.

In order to be an Optimist in composition you must have some stirrings of democracy in your veins.

And I will name such stimuli as most set these stirrings in me.

Finally his stirrings roused her and she asked him drowsily what ailed him.

The old man felt the stirrings of physical nausea within him.

"He was a desperate man," said Joyce, still feeling the stirrings of pity.

In the meanwhile the first stirrings of the war that was to come had already shaken Uruguay.