Street [noun]

Definition of Street:

path upon which travel occurs

Synonyms of Street:

Opposite/Antonyms of Street:


Sentence/Example of Street:

Sorely distressed, he walked back to his lodgings in Thirty-second Street.

“I would not be seen in the street with that scarecrow,” murmured Giles.

At Thirty-second Street he ran into Burman, with whom he had all but cornered wheat.

I did hear, too, that she takes a flyer in the Street now and then.

Mrs. Bines had never seen so many children as flooded this street.

And then by a street sign she saw that she was near the home of Philippe.

He accepted Percival's invitation that afternoon to go down into the Street with him.

After some months, he met Mrs. Rushton in the street one day.

What harm can that swearing coachman do, I should like to know, in the street yonder?

Omar Ben Sufi sat down in the middle of the street, and wondered.