Subsist [verb]

Definition of Subsist:

keep going, living

Synonyms of Subsist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsist:

Sentence/Example of Subsist:

You ask me why, tho' ill at ease Within this region I subsist?

Her friendly relations with him continued to subsist even after his marriage.

How,” Parson Lute demanded, with a start, “does she––ah––subsist?

Those of us who are alive in the morning will subsist upon the enemy.

It is said that a person can subsist longer upon them than upon any other kind.

It is the property of five Tartar families, who subsist largely on its fruit.

And our hard-hearted rulers, with all their pride, can they subsist without us?

They subsist by trapping the beaver, and hunting the buffalo and other animals.

Now there were several million people who must subsist on the raw lands.

They subsist on berries and birchen-buds—dainty fare, is it not?