Suitability [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Suitability:

What determines the suitability of a region for grape-growing?

In the matter of suitability of foods, much depends upon the local supply.

There was no question of suitability—no thought of excellence or the reverse.

It's what money stands for, beauty, and suitability—and—everything.

The general shape, and the suitability of the shape for swimming.

Show the suitability of the fins as organs of locomotion in water.

It means a lack of neatness and order, a want in the ideas of suitability.

Then the suitability of boys to situations had to be considered.

The suitability of longer skirts had been felt, and had been acted upon.

If a woman is not free to think of a man in all ways, how is she to judge of the suitability of their union?