Chronic [adjective]

Definition of Chronic:

incessant, never-ending

Opposite/Antonyms of Chronic:

Sentence/Example of Chronic:

Other research suggests that trained immunity could also contribute to chronic inflammation associated with age-related neurodegeneration, and with chronic liver disease, Type 2 diabetes and other diseases linked to the Western diet.

It’s also providing most insulin and medications for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to members without any copayment to help ensure compliance.

It was the idea of using vaccines to treat chronic diseases.

They also develop heart disease and a host of other chronic conditions at higher rates.

That could, for example, involve monitoring an employee’s vital signs via their smartphone and setting them up with a virtual coach to help manage a chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease.

It is a great time to sell, with chronic low inventory and many people figuring out some new “must-haves” for their extended time at home.

Instead, we must seize the disruptive force of the pandemic to do the transformational work necessary to address these chronic issues and create a future that’s better for our patients.

Annually, about 51,000 of the deaths were from chronic conditions.

What they do know is that stress can cause a chronic immune response in addition to an increase in cytokines.

Murthy believes this is how chronic loneliness can lead to bad health outcomes.