Disgruntled [adjective]

Definition of Disgruntled:

unhappy; critical

Synonyms of Disgruntled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disgruntled:

Sentence/Example of Disgruntled:

If not, you run the chance of encountering disgruntled customers.

If for some reason they traded Beal but retained Wall, they’re a lottery team featuring a disgruntled supermax player.

“It creates the risk that employees you develop relationships with become disgruntled,” said Wieser.

Show every reader how you deal with a disgruntled customer by offering to fix the problem.

I looked behind me and saw a row of disgruntled gentlemen, nervously pacing up and down.

"And get a broken pate for thy pains," said a disgruntled minstrel, who well knew of what he spoke.

Tessie stopped thinking about disgruntled Joe Cary so that she could think of the wonderful Mr. Bill.

Later in the winter, it was said that men were coming back from leave disgruntled and depressed.

Disgruntled at what she called Susan's intolerance, Mrs. Stanton then asked to be relieved of the presidency.

Roundy, still a little disgruntled over his mishap, turned to the patrol leader, who nodded toward Shadow Island.