Disrepute [noun]

Definition of Disrepute:

dishonor, shame

Synonyms of Disrepute:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disrepute:

Sentence/Example of Disrepute:

If the two parties could legislate more effectively, more proposals would pass into the judgment phase, and either rise in popularity as they worked to better people’s lives or fall into disrepute as they proved themselves to be failures.

Oddly enough this assumption—the most warrantable of the lot—was the earliest to fall under disrepute.

Monomania as a defense for crime has brought expert evidence into great disrepute.

He kept to the same ignoble counsel that had so wrought disrepute for Mr. Croker.

Goodness is proper to the aged; it is their sole glory; why should this milky stripling bring it into disrepute?

Still the ill success of popular government in Germany brought the Parliament into lasting disrepute.

Hotten was in general disrepute, therefore, so it was not worth while throwing a second brick at him.

That winter in Washington had acquainted Clemens with the life there, its political intrigues, and the disrepute of Congress.

It not only brings the law into contempt, but itself into such disrepute that its findings are worthless.

It stood in what is known as Walsh's Row—was fashionable enough once, perhaps, but long since fallen into disrepute.