Flotsam [noun]

Definition of Flotsam:

floating debris

Synonyms of Flotsam:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flotsam:


Sentence/Example of Flotsam:

We were in hopes they would look upon our boat as flotsam and jetsam, of which there was more or less strewn upon the beach.

The spectators melted away into the gathering mist and rain, a flotsam of black umbrellas.

The flotsam and jetsam of too many sentimental stories and fairy tales were afloat in the child's active mind.

We sometimes wondered whether any of the flotsam thus cast upon the waters ever reached the civilized world.

When the weather cleared again, I don't know how long it was, I crawled down and overhauled the flotsam.

No, there had been no wreck, yet all about her lay the wave-sodden flotsam and jetsam of many past disasters.

I had been a fragment,--a sort of moral flotsam cast up by an unknown sea,--and I had found a rude harbour in Company H.

In fact, it would not do to forget that the six men whose boat had gone to pieces on the rocks, had landed at Flotsam Point.

It would be, on a large scale, equivalent to the chest found at Flotsam Point.

The place which the Doctor indicated was a sloping brown beach, freely littered with the flotsam of the stream.