Fluctuation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fluctuation:

Your research adviser suggested that it may just have been random fluctuations from two sources.

That indefiniteness is known as “quantum uncertainty,” and, unfortunately also as “quantum fluctuation.”

In that case, the wild fluctuations in the polls from, say, 1976 or 1988 might not be as relevant.

It’s possible that some of the fluctuations in weekly claims aren’t that meaningful at this point, since the numbers are so huge.

So if we use GSC data to measure brand, we might be able to see some fluctuations in interest but, if we’re using Google Analytics terminology, our data is basically sampled at 15%.

As they appear, these virtual particles cause space-time to gently warp around them, creating random fluctuations known as space-time foam.

It’s a pretty huge fluctuation in 35 years’ time, especially barring events that would take out a big chunk of people at once, like world wars, natural disasters, or pandemics.

Revenue derived from Snapchat this year is consistent with last year, despite some fluctuations, Cohen said.

These fluctuations in sex hormones can happen as a newborn develops, during puberty or as a result of aging.

One disadvantage of this system was the fluctuation of the value of the tobacco, based upon the law of supply and demand.