Infest [adjective]

Definition of Infest:

flood, overrun

Synonyms of Infest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infest:


Sentence/Example of Infest:

If the actions of men are necessary, if men are not free, what right has society to punish the wicked who infest it?

The horrible staring eyes began again to infest his journey, and seemed to accompany him wherever he went.

The sultry nights in Chorillos are rendered doubly unpleasant by the swarms of vermin which infest the houses.

The same holds true of the multitude of nature demons that infest field and forest and the vicinity of streams and gorges.

The Bark lice or Scale-insects should also be collected in connection with the leaves or twigs which they infest.

The Parasita, the lowest representatives of the order, may be obtained from the domestic and wild animals which they infest.

Our common roaches (Blattid) are cosmopolitan insects, and infest dwellings.

These insects can be found on the animals they infest, and distinct species will be found to occur on most wild mammals.

On the 21st, we got through Alice, and saw three prow-vessels, who are a very daring set of pirates that infest those seas.

It was like an alligator pear—and his complexion was like those cactus fruits that likewise infest fancy grocers' shops.