Ingenuous [adjective]

Definition of Ingenuous:

honest, trustful

Synonyms of Ingenuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ingenuous:

Sentence/Example of Ingenuous:

During the ingenuous apologia pro vita sua Miss Anne regarded him with her honest candour.

This was the most perfect specimen of the bluff, hearty, breezy, almost ingenuous Westerner that Gwynne had encountered.

"I know you wouldn't wish me to affect an interest I do not feel," said Haggard with an ingenuous smile.

His replies were perfectly ingenuous, evincing nothing of the natural taciturnity and shyness of the Indian mind.

Her piety was not free from puerile pleasures; for everything, even religion, was poetry to her ingenuous heart.

He had always loved the ingenuous arts; but the activities too had charms for him.

He was very fond of Nephew George; well recognizing the ingenuous, wise and loyal nature of the young man.

His frankly ingenuous, almost boyish smile evoked a whimsical response from her.

And Jarvis' smile was as ingenuous as that of a babe of two.

Mr. Jeffrey's technique was quite adequate for this ingenuous kind of thing.