Piecemeal [adjective]

Definition of Piecemeal:

bit by bit

Synonyms of Piecemeal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Piecemeal:


Sentence/Example of Piecemeal:

Divide it and try to sell it piecemeal, and do not drown yourself.

Sometimes the limbs drop off, piecemeal or in their entirety.

The important point is to see that the process of socialization must be piecemeal and gradual.

She might as well make the noise all at once as to make it piecemeal.

He kept his word, and this piecemeal business of freeing the prisoners began.

Piecemeal, Toddles wouldn't convey anything to you to speak of.

We passed a ruined church with its old turrets dropping by piecemeal.

In an instant it was skinned, cut up, and carried off piecemeal.

All that could be sold has been sold, piecemeal, by the heirs.

They have examined me in piecemeal, not in statesmanlike fashion.