Profligacy [noun]

Definition of Profligacy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Profligacy:

Sentence/Example of Profligacy:

Wastefulness, profligacy, or favoritism in public expenditures is criminal.

You look in vain for any outward signs of profligacy or debauchery.

I will not submit to be ruined by the extravagance and profligacy of any man.

As a monster of profligacy might she behold me, and that—ah, Dieu!

Slavery left its blight of impotency and profligacy upon them.

That barrier removed, and the torrent of his profligacy will rush on without control.

It is in itself cruel, and leads to idleness and profligacy.

Have you not squandered every penny I had from my father in your profligacy and evil companions?

The profligacy and impurity of the poor is beyond all belief.

Can you deny that it has been one long course of sin, of profligacy?