Prophetic [adjective]

Definition of Prophetic:

telling of the future

Synonyms of Prophetic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prophetic:


Sentence/Example of Prophetic:

His prophetic and doleful despatches had been for years the joke of Foreign Offices.

And lately I have thought that those dreams might be prophetic.

However, we are not now inquiring into the causes of prophetic knowledge.

Our prophetic motto will suit all creeds in their turn, that's a comfort.'

You, the people alone, you have been far-seeing and prophetic; but not they.

What prophetic instinct it was had rooted that certainty in my heart I do not pretend to say.

To ears tingling with prophetic apprehension the provocation was intense.

It is often found in the Arabic Bible, especially in the prophetic books.

The middle ages had used them, as they had used the Old Testament, as prophetic books.

In a pathetic passage in a prophetic Psalm, He says, "I am a worm and no man."